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Introducing new high density paver models

Dynapac has introduced a new model, SD2500CS to its high density asphalt paver family with several innovations that enhance machine and screed performance and operator effectiveness even while making operation quieter and more fuel efficient.

Originally introduced to Europe in 2011, the SD2500CS is powered by an interim Tier 4 certified Cummins QSB 6.7 water-cooled turbo-diesel engine rated for 200 horsepower (149 kW) at 2,200 rpm. The engine also features an “infinitely variable eco mode” that produces less noise and decreases fuel consumption as the operator tunes the rpm level to a given working situation’s requirements.

For even finer performance the paver can be outfitted with Dynapac’s patented VarioSpeed drive option with automated load sensing. VarioSpeed provides continuous computerized rpm optimization that can save up to 15 percent in fuel costs and promote increased engine life.

The versatile SD2500CS offers a choice of high density, tamping bar screeds.  Dynapac’s Vario screeds, the V5100TVE or V6000TVE, have a minimum work width of 8 feet and maximum work width of 32 feet. They offer multiple patented and unique adjustment options while offering increased screed stability.  A foldable side shield for the screed makes it fast and easy to comply with transportation regulations. The side shield folds directly behind the screed, eliminating overhang on the left and right side during transportation on a bed trailer.

The Dynapac SD2500CS also offers the industry’s first hydraulic push rollers.  The hydraulic push rollers minimize impact from the truck during asphalt delivery to the paver. Acting as a shock absorber for the paver, they guard against bumps in the asphalt surface. The result is a high quality application for a continuously smooth roadway.

The SD2500CS operator’s platform can slide hydraulically from one side to the other with a safe-impact system to provide safe docking for the operator. An optional “weather house” offers better visibility and protection during harsh weather conditions. It consists of a hardened front screen with three wiper blades, large side windows and Plexiglas screens on the lower left and right part of the platform.

Dynapac offers a new remote control and color screed display with easy and intuitive handling. Energy-saving LED working lights and an adjustable camera system has been added so that an operator can easily monitor the application.

Click here for product specs.

For more information:

Christina Fisher, Marketing Communications Director

Dynapac USA




Liz Martin, Public Relations Specialist

Ellenbecker Communications