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Paving thicker than ever

10 January 2013

IN THE MID-WEST OF CANADA A NEW Rail Container Terminal, at a value of $30 m, was constructed during summer/fall 2012. The Project was supported by 3 Dynapac SD2500CS pavers, paving the Rolled Compacted Concrete (RCC) base course. Altogether, an amount of 140,000m³ concrete was paved. The total package of this base layer was remarkably 50 cm high, compacted.

The 50 cm RCC was paved in three different layers, all applied right after one another with a gap of only 100 m between the layers. A perfect interlocking was performed. The layers were divided into 10 cm for the top, 20 cm for the middle and 20 cm for the bottom layer. On top of the RCC was an 8 cm paved asphalt layer, working as a moist protection and abrasion coat.

RCC performs remarkably well as a base course due to its bearing capacity and durability. Also important for this particular jobsite was a freeze proof and rigid base that does not deform due to weather conditions. As the concrete is so rigid once laid, the importance of evenness is raised. This is where Dynapac SD2500CS comes in.

Due to the very high pre-compaction performance, the tamper & vibration screed of the following paver could apply the next layer RCC shortly afterwards.

The approx. 240,000 m² huge jobsite area was finished after working day and night for 3 weeks. Supported by the MOBA® 9.0m Big Ski leveling system this outstanding quality was reached without compromise also at this high layer thickness.

“Choosing the Dynapac SD2500CS paver for this job was an excellent decision. The fundamental argument for the choice was the machine’s reliable and outstanding performance in pre-compaction and evenness. This is very important and can be hard to reach while building these thick layers”, says the jobsite manager of the construction company, Canada.

Product Marketing Manager for Dynapac, Rainer Bippen, was on site and reports back very positive results. “- It is great to see our products show reliability and have their high capacity proven on site. We have configured the machine with a high capacity kit and I am very pleased with its performance. This is also a very interesting jobsite since this is the very first time ever in North America paving an RCC base this thick! And therefore I am very happy to report that our equipment has also proven its quality and strength for this type of job.”

After completing the operation in Calgary, the 3 pavers will now get to demonstrate their usual reliability at the next upcoming RCC jobsite in Fort McMurray, Canada.


Download jobsite report (pdf document) here!

Dynapac - Concrete Pavement - Image 1
Dynapac - Concrete Pavement - Image 2
Dynapac - Concrete Pavement - Image 3

For further details please contact:

Rainer Bippen, Product Marketing Manager Small Pavers and Special Machines
Dynapac GmbH

+49 4407 972-378


Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment is part of the Construction Technique business area. The division is a leader in asphalt and soil applications, committed to customer performance worldwide. Products and solutions are marketed under the Dynapac brand. Headquartered in Wardenburg, Germany the division has production facilities in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.