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Tracked pavers

The tracked pavers in the Dynapac range sets impressive standards, since these pavers are convincing at all kind of paving widths by their ease of adapting, simple use and servicability. Long track drives and wide pads guarantee for maximum traction and low maintenance due to their sealed and lifetime lubrication. The rugged track types of these pavers compensate uneven ground level and a precise electronical steering ensures excellent laying results.

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Wheeled pavers

Our wheeled pavers are well known for their reliability over many years of operation with a wide range of applications. In combination with their flexibility these machines are the ideal choice for paving urban roads. In response to the needs of end users and the construction industry a wide range of optional equipment is available which further enhances their versatility.

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Many years of practical experience in the construction industry together with continuing development provide the basis for the advanced technology and high stability of Dynapac screeds. The end result is an impressively high paving performance, including the achievement of excellent compaction values. The rugged construction of the Dynapac screeds ensures a high degree of stability essential for paving widths of up to 16 m with a fixed screed and up to 9 m with the telescopic one.