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Knowledge center

When you buy a Dynapac machine, you get more than an excellent piece of equipment. You get the built-in experience from more than fifty years of compaction research and know-how.

We are continuously scanning the industry for new applications and ways to optimize the performance of Dynapac equipment. This way, we will ensure that the next generation of machines are at the forefront of the technlogy.

In addition to this, we support your operations with relation to Paving, Milling, Compaction and Concrete applications. If you need assistance in selecting the right piece of equipment or want to optimize your production team, we have the tools to help:

CompBase is the tool for soil applications

PaveComp is your support in asphalt paving and compaction

All current and future Dynapac users are VIP's for us, please contact your nearest dealer or ihcc@dynapac.com to gain access to great support- the Dynapac way

Download PaveComp

Click on this link to download the PaveComp application.

PaveComp program, the fastest way to get the correct machine for your asphalt needs. From the smallest to the biggest machines.

Download CompBase

Click on this link to download the CompBase application.

CompBase program, the foundation of every application is well compacted material, get the correct machine with this program.